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At Shared Mobility Strategies, we are ready to deliver whatever our clients require to help you stay ahead of a rapidly changing transportation market and to establish yourself as a respected innovator instead of a reactionary player.  

Contact us to schedule a personal meeting and needs assessment today to find out how we can best help your efforts.

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  • Shared Mobility Strategies’ expert policy speakers will liven the conversation with insights into our experiences and innovative policy perspectives gleaned during our time on both sides of the public-private line.

  • Policy expert presentations and panel participants for those looking to establish themselves as thought leader forums to drive the policy discussions surrounding the future of transportation.

  • Guidance on planning and marketing of your conference or panel sessions with access to our rolodex of relationships with the most influential thought leaders from all ends of the transportation spectrum.

  • Contact me today if you’re interested in having a Shared Mobility Strategies policy expert speak at your next conference, panel, or speaking event.

  • Based on your needs and objectives, we work with you to customize our presentations for your event and audience from the 101 fundamentals to the most niche aspects of shared mobility.

  • Contact us to discuss your event and hear about Shared Mobility Strategies’ expert speakers.

Before the public sector and shared mobility companies like Uber can fully collaborate, they must first understand each other. Reaching that mutual understanding is what we offer at Shared Mobility Strategies.
— Pete Gould | Shared Mobility Strategies, LLC