Pete Gould


Founding Partner

Pete Gould, Founding Partner of Shared Mobility Strategies, brings more than 13 years in transportation and mobility technology policy experience on Capitol Hill, at the US Department of Transportation, at Uber and as a mobility policy consultant and lobbyist.  Pete is also the co-host of the Mobility Podcast and recognized as a leading policy leader on all things tech and transportation.

Pete has extensive federal transportation policy experience and on the early front lines of the transportation and mobility technology revolution that continues to this day.   Pete began his career working on the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee for four years as a Legislative Assistant under Highways & Transit Subcommittee Chair Rep. Peter DeFazio.

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US Department of Transportation

In 2011, Pete was nominated by President Obama to be Associate Director for Governmental Affairs and then later to be Associate Director for Transportation Policy in the Office of the Secretary at the US Department of Transportation under two Secretary Ray LaHood and Secretary Anthony Foxx.


Uber- Autonomous Vehicle Policy

Pete left public service in 2014 to join a then relatively new mobility tech company, Uber, as Senior Policy Development Associate. While at Uber, Pete tackled just about any issue that could be thrown at him, from background checks to accessibility, from autonomous vehicle policy and safety standards to first-last mile connectivity with transit and commuter tax benefits for shared mobility, and much more.

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Uber- Transportation Policy Development

Pete was also central to efforts integrating Uber with transit agencies and the broader transportation and urban planning community at large. He led the introductions and membership engagement for Uber to join the American Public Transportation Association (APTA), represented the company on the ITS America Leadership Circle, brought Uber on board with the Eno Center for Transportation’s Digital Cities Initiative, and represented the company at the Transportation Research Board (TRB) and other policy conferences.

In 2016, Pete left Uber on a mission to continue to bring the future possibilities offered by technology into reality by launching Shared Mobility Strategies and guiding startups across many sectors in developing and executing their policy and lobbying operations in cities across the nation, state capitals, and with the Federal government.  Beyond just lobbying and policy work, Pete helps clients build relationships and coalitions with influential and important mission-driven outside organizations and advocates.

His “dual-citizenship” in the public and private sectors helps clients understand the issues and needs around the corner, yet to reveal themselves, and positions them to do the work they would have wished they’d done when those scenarios arrive.